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If you still have any questions please contact us at [email protected]

What exactly is Coinity?

Coinity is a platform which provides fast, reliable, and unified API to access exchange rates from cryptocurrency markets. We are integrating all cryptocurrency exchanges, and deliver acquired data in both raw or preprocessed forms to our customers using a single, simple API.

What exchanges are integrated?

The full list of exchanges supported by Coinity is available:

Can I use it as payment gateway?

Unfortunately, we don't provide payment gateway services.

Can I get response in the XML or CSV instead of the JSON?

Not yet, but we are working on it.
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Which currencies are listed?

The full list of currencies supported by Coinity is available:

How long does it take to integrate Coinity?

We will deliver an API key to your email address within a minute after you subscribe. With this key, you can use our API right away. The integration component is up to you: it can take just five minutes for simple projects or several days for most complicated ones.

Where is Coinity infrastructure located?

Most of our infrastructure is located in AWS (Amazon Web Services) in Europe, North America and Singapore. You can collocate around us, or we can set up a dedicated server infrastructure close to your company servers. You can contact us by [email protected].




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